Why I’m Running

John is taking his own advice and volunteering to get “actively involved in his own community governance again”, and is asking for your vote.  With your support, John pledges to help strengthen and renew our Community’s resolve to promote the long history of the Woodlands Corporation, community business leaders, other governmental agencies and, most importantly, the residents working closely together to complete George Mitchell’s dream.

I think three reasons have led me to my decision to run for a Director’s Position with the Woodlands Township.

I have talked with many of my friends and neighbors in the Woodlands and almost without exception, all voice an objection to the ways we are spending our money.  My belief is that my conservative and fiscal values will serve the community well.

I, also, have a concern that we might rush to a decision to change our local Governance to that of incorporation and I think my extensive business and community experience as a Board Member on the WCA will be helpful in guiding this important decision.  Incorporation is not an action we should take without complete conviction that it is the right thing to do for our community.  Our current approach of providing for public safety through the development of our own professional fire department and our partnership with Montgomery and Harris County for law enforcement has served us well.  Similarly, we have a long history with managing the traditional Homeowner’s Association requirements such as covenant administration, trash removal and parks and pathway maintenance and I don’t see incorporation adding any value to those operations.  Also, our system of well-run MUD districts supported by WJPA for water, sewer and storm water will probably not benefit from transformation into a single public works department.

Finally, I think I can play a vital role in maintaining and improving the relationship between the Woodlands residents and the Development Company and the other governmental agencies who provide critical services to The Woodlands Township.  I think these relationships are so important to the continued development of our Community and should be fostered.