Speech Presented at the South Montgomery County Woodlands Chamber of Commerce

On March  23, 2012,  I participated in the “Whistle Stop Tour Luncheon 2012″ put on by the South Montgomery County  Woodlands Chamber of Commerce at The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center.  Candidates for the US Senate and House of Representatives joined statewide and local area candidates, including those running for The Woodlands Township Board of Directors.  The following is a text of the speech I gave:

 “I am John Risher, a candidate for the Woodlands Township Board of Directors, Position 4.  First, I would like to thank the Chamber of Commerce for hosting this wonderful event.
If time allowed, each of you would ask many questions based upon you own understanding of the issues important to our Community.  However, I feel there are two questions that always should be asked first:
“Is this person qualified to hold this office?” 
I can say yes.   Living in The Woodlands for 21 years,  I am not new to community service, having served first as a resident member of the Cochran’s Crossing Village Association, and later as an elected Board Member of the Woodlands Community Association — the forerunner to our current Township Board.  I also served on the Community’s Development Standards Committee, and more recently, I have served as a Board Member and Partner on The Woodlands Economic Development Partnership.
“A voter should also ask, if the candidate is committed to the duties of the office.” 
Each of you should look for a candidate who has an enthusiastic personal interest in bringing commitment and fresh ideas to the office he seeks, and who pledges to devote the time needed to fulfill the duties of the office.  I am that kind of candidate
I have written often in The Woodlands Villager on topics of national and local interest, and a common theme has been for residents to “Get Involved in their Government”.   Well, I have decided to take my own advice.
My grandfather served in the Vermont State legislature representing his small town, and often said “People get the government they deserve.”  I finally realized what he meant – Government works best when voters take an active role in its operation and communicate their expectations to their elected officials.   
I pledge to always remain open and responsive to those who have elected me.
My name is John Risher and I ask for your vote.”
 – John R. Risher
Speech Presented at the South Montgomery County  Woodlands Chamber of Commerce
Whistle Stop Tour Luncheon 2012″ – March 23, 2012
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