How To Contact Your Elected Officials

Click the links below to contact your elected officials.

The Woodlands Township    
Claude Hunter Position 1
Tom Cambell Position 2
Lloyd Hunter Position 3
Ed Robb Position 4
Nelda Blair Position 5
Peggy Hausman Position 6
Bruce Tough Position 7
Don Norrell President and General Manager

The Woodlands Township Village Associations
Alden Bridge
Cochran’s Crossing
College Park
Creekside Park
Grogan’s Mill
Indian Springs
Panther Creek
Sterling Ridge

US Senators
Kay Bailey Hutchison
John Cornyn    
US Representative 8th Dist. Kevin Brady
State Senator Tommy Williams 
State Representative Rob Eissler
State Senator Tommy Williams
State Representative Rob Eissler   

Montgomery County Commissioners  
Alan B. Sadler, County Judge
Mike Meador, Precinct 1
Craig Doyle, Precinct 2
Ed Chance, Precinct 3
Ed Rinehart, Precinct 4